Zoom Coaching

Coaching is a vital component of the Women’s Ministries Institute training philosophy. WMI believes that coaching brings life to the training materials and the information the student is learning and processing at WMI.

Coaching is done through one-hour Zoom meetings, twice a month, usually involving 4 or 5 students. Of utmost value is the camaraderie built during these coaching sessions and the encouragement offered to one’s peers.

Prayer is an important part of each coaching session, and we want all of our students to feel supported by the Women's Ministries Institute team. During the coaching sessions, students will have the opportunity to share what God has been teaching them along their WMI journey. Your coach will communicate with WMI's prayer coordinator to share specific prayer requests resulting from your experiences with WMI.

Please note: In Module One, a Zoom coaching schedule will be set up with a designated time slot. This will be the student’s assigned coaching pod for the duration of the year. A Zoom link will be sent out by the coaches in advance of calls.