Module Five

Morning: Studying the Truth with Sarah Van Beveran

The primary goal of this unit is to teach students the basic principles of how to study God’s Word for themselves. Students will gain an understanding of Observation, Interpretation and Application, and the various study techniques through which these keys can be applied to Scripture. 

This course will also highlight a brief history of our Bible, a variety of study tools and resources for personal and group use, and some basic guidelines for effective Bible Study leadership.


Sarah Van Beveren was a graduate of the Women's Ministries Institute in 2014. In 2015, she came on as a curriculum coordinator, and is now thrilled to be joining the team of instructors.

Sarah is passionate about Bible literacy, coffee, and books. Her favourite things to read are God's Word, biblical theology, and classic children's literature. 

Sarah lives in Hamilton with her husband Matt, where she spends her days homeschooling their three girls. She and her family are members of Hughson Street Baptist Church, where Sarah is involved in children's and women's ministry. 


Afternoon: Sharing the Truth with Rosetta Del Monte & Marg Mason

This unit’s purpose is to equip, inspire and challenge each student to share her faith and to lead others into more active evangelism, following Jesus’ example.  

We will explore the biblical mandate for evangelism and consider pathways and obstacles in our society today. Each student will gain an increasing knowledge of the essentials, post-modern culture, church-based evangelism and the importance of personal relationship building

Rosetta Del Monte and her husband Luciano partner together with The Navigators of Canada where they have been on staff for 32 years.  

Rosetta is passionate about helping Christian women become disciples of Christ. She is the founder of Alongsidewomen Ministry which inspires and equips women to intentionally come alongside other women and journey spiritually with them.  

She enjoys the outdoors, reading and cooking Italian for her family. Rosetta and her husband have three grown sons and two daughters-in-law. She teaches the course Sharing Truth. She is presently working towards her Masters of Theological Studies in Spiritual Direction. Rosetta is also a breast cancer survivor.