Module Four

Saturday 28 January Morning: Discipleship with Darci Kovac

Jesus practiced intentionality in his everyday interactions with others.  Following His example, we also need to be intentional in helping others grow as His disciples. 

This course will require each student to reflect on her own life and spiritual journey, to recognize the individuals who have most profoundly influenced her, and to identify who she might be able to come alongside in an intentional relationship.  Each student will leave understanding the biblical principle of mentoring. Students will become familiar with practical and effective tools to apply what they have learned to present and future relationships.

Darci Kovac is a community mentor with The Navigators of Canada in Hamilton, ON.  Having been mentored by a Navigator staff during her undergraduate degree, Darci recognizes the importance of coming alongside others to help them grow in their faith.  She is actively involved in the disciple making ministry of her church, and in the spiritual mentoring of women in the community.  Darci holds an Honours Biology/Psychology degree from McMaster University, an Education degree from Brock University, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Theological Studies from Heritage Seminary.
Darci and her husband, Chris, live in Hamilton ON with their three children, where Chris serves as Director of Outreach at West Highland Church. 


Saturday 28 January Afternoon: Christian Ethics with Ruth Coghill

Christian Ethics will take us back to the roots of our Christian faith seeking the basics for a life of integrity, pleasing to God, our Father.  The Bible is our most reliable source of Christian ethics.  The moral code set up in Exodus 20 and other truths found in Psalm 1, when lived out daily, will contribute to our truly blessed and happy life.
We will also explore the four sins that defile a nation and show how knowing and living by God’s plan of moral conduct will keep us standing strong and tall in life’s challenges.

The primary goal of this course is to encourage the participants to know God, to love God and to know His heart for living a holy life.  The secondary goal is to equip each one with Biblical answers to the issues of our post-Christian culture.  An emphasis will be placed on the power of the memorized word, hidden deep in our hearts which gives us a tool to utilize as the temptations come to make choices that take us off the track of Biblical purity. 

Ruth Coghill is a speaker, podcaster and author of the WOW Bible Study series and ‘Unborn, Untold.  True Stories of Abortion and God’s Healing Grace.’   She is founder of Words To Inspire and the Unborn Movement.   Ruth has been a missionary/teacher in several countries, including Canada, the United States, Ukraine, China, Angola, Kenya, Uganda, India, Philippines and Nepal.  Some of her books are translated into Spanish, Mandarin and Napalese.

Out of Ruth’s personal spiritual journey, she has discovered the powerful, life-changing reality of reading, studying and meditating and memorizing God’s Word.  Her passion is to inspire, motivate and equip others to discover the same empowering truths.

Ruth enjoys skiing, skating, taking long walks and traveling the world.

She is married to Bob and together they have four married children and eleven grandchildren.  She and Bob live in Bobcageon Ontario.

You can learn more of her ministry at www.wordstoinspire.ca