Module Four

Morning: Transformational Mentoring with Deanna Harris

Our lives impact and influence the lives of those around us. Therefore, as disciples of Jesus Christ, we need to be purposeful in our interactions with others.
This course will require each student to reflect on her own life and spiritual journey, to recognize the individuals who have most profoundly influenced her, and to identify how she can use her story to effectively participate in the lives of the women within her scope of influence. Each student will leave understanding the biblical principle of mentoring. Students will become familiar with practical and effective tools to apply what they have learned to present and future relationships.

Deanna Harris was a graduate of the Women’s Ministries Institute in 2007. In the fall of 2007 she enthusiastically joined the WMI Ministry Leadership Team. Her experience with WMI has developed both her confidence and awakened her passion to use the gifts that God has given her. Deanna enjoys opportunities to teach from God’s Word, and to meet with women to encourage and exhort them in their walk with God.

She and her husband Steve live in the north end of Hamilton, ON, have 3 children, and enjoy serving at their church, Hughson Street Baptist where they have attended since the late 1990’s. 


Afternoon: Who Is My Neighbour? with Donna Dong

This module invites students to consider the biblical perspective that God himself created human cultural diversity-in-unity and that Christian leadership involves us in Jesus’ mission of inviting peoples of diverse ethnicities and cultures to enter God’s kingdom and become His multicultural people, the Church. 
Students will engage with Jesus’ teaching from Luke 10 to “go and do likewise” and with the models of the Apostle Peter and the Antioch church in Acts 11 to bridge cultural/linguistic differences to share Jesus. 

Donna Dong is the Director of the Multiethnic/Multicultural Ministry for Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada. Her current role is the latest in over 30 years of IVCF ministry to university students and to young generations of women and men.

Donna delights to teach and preach the scriptures on campus, in churches, and at conferences, as well as train for leadership development and intercultural awareness/competence. Donna has been a part of Inter-Varsity’s triennial Urbana Global Missions Conferences since 1973, as a staff-worker, seminar teacher, plenary speaker, and programme planner. Donna was a partner member of Leading Women, a Canadian movement that organized conferences in the early 2000s. Donna is a graduate of Tyndale Seminary, earning her D.Min. degree in leadership in May 2012. Donna lives in Etobicoke, ON.