Module 2

Morning: Spiritual Leadership with Sue Montgomery

This course explores and seeks to answer questions such as: What is spiritual leadership and why is it so important? What are the pitfalls? How should godly leaders engage their people?
In class, students will discover answers to these questions through video clips, small group discussion, the Scriptures, personal evaluation forms and “digging deeper” exercises.

Since 2003, Sue has served on staff at West Highland Baptist Church in Hamilton, Ontario as Women’s Ministries Director, giving leadership to all aspects of Women’s Ministries, but she recently transitioned into the role of Director of Prayer Ministries.  Her personal passions include inviting women inside and outside the church to consider the truth about new life in Christ.  

Sue obtained a Christian Education diploma from Warner Southern Christian College during the 80’s and has continued with courses of interest during her time in Hamilton at Redeemer University-College. Reading is still a love (there’s never enough time for all the great books that have been written!). 

Sue has been prepared for these current roles through years in business sales, recruitment and management. Sue is married to Scott who owns his own businesses and is involved in Executive Coaching. They have two adult children, Kristen and Joshua. 


Afternoon: Serving Passionately with Candi Thorpe

Serving in the church and serving God with passion can be two completely different things. In this course the students will look at what it means to serve God with passion in the areas to which they have been called.

In this unit the students will examine their call to serve both individually and as part of a team, identify roadblocks to serving with passion, and develop strategies to overcome them.

Candi Thorpe has a passion to serve God wherever He calls her. Candi has served in a variety of ministries in the local church, including children's ministries, Bible studies, women's ministries and worship arts. It was through these ministry opportunities that God was preparing her for vocational ministry in the local church. 

Candi serves as the Director of Administration, Communication and Frontline Ministries at Calvary Burlington. There she has the privilege of sharing the hope of Jesus Christ to those in the church and community. Candi teaches from her own experiences as one who merely served before finally learning what it means to serve God with passion. 

Candi is married to Kevin; they have two kids – Jacob and Petra.