WMI offers a unique 9 month course of study where students develop and expand their knowledge and spiritual understanding of the Bible. 

For each course offered at WMI, students will study a text book and complete a pre-course assignment. The assignment will draw out key biblical principles necessary for ministry leadership. This assignment is completed in the month leading up to the module and is submitted to the instructor at the teaching time. 

The instructor will mark the assignment, offering encouragement and constructive critique, and return it to the student at the following month’s training module.  Instructions for proper format for assignments are included in the Student Handbook (given at Module 1). 

In addition, students are strongly encouraged to maintain a monthly WMI spiritual journal to reflect on the transformation process occurring during the school year.

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2022–2023 Dates

Friday 23 September & Saturday 24 September  In Person

Saturday 22 October                                             Online

Saturday 26 November                                         Online

Saturday 28 January                                             Online

Saturday 25 February                                           Online

Saturday 22 April                                                   Online

Saturday 27 May                                                   In Person